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Rating: Rating Not AvailableSize:750ML
Region: Hungary Country:Hungary
Varietals: Furmint ABV:14.5%


About Oremus
According to legend, in 1650 the manager of the Oremus estate, fearing an attack by the Turks, delayed the harvest for two months. The resulting wine, made from shriveled (Aszu) grapes, was recognized as exceptional and Tokaji became known for its sweet wines, two centuries before botrytised wines were made at Chateau d'Yquem in Sauternes. Vega Sicilia, indisputably Spain's greatest estate, saw the exceptional potential of this area, and bought the Oremus estate located in the heart of Tokaji, in 1993.

The grapes are grown on hillside vineyards, which rise steeply above the village of Tolscva and have excellent South and South-West exposures. Soils on the sharply sloped vineyards are thin volcanic clays, poor with organic material, but rich in tuff (volcanic debris), adding a mineralic backbone to the wines.

The warming effect of the Carpathian Mountains and the humid conditions provided by the River Bodrog are optimal for inducing noble rot. Traditional grape varieties are planted in these vineyards, primarily the spicy Furmint, Harslevelu and Muskat Lunel and Zeta. In fact, the Oremus name is taken for the ancient name for the Zeta grape. The flavors of these varieties roughly correspond to the Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon and Muscadelle of Sauternes. Aszu (meaning dried or shrunken in Hungarian) wines are the specialty here at the Oremus estate.

"...the Oremus Mandolas Dry Furmint 2011 which was fresh with lemony aromas and some grassy notes. It has great structure and balance and is minerally with a long finish. The crisp minerality comes from the volcanic soils where the vines are grown and according to Pablo Alvarez is “best drunk within 5 years”. This is certainly a wine that will go very well with food and its flavours are associated with the sweet Furmint but in a dry style. Over one year you should see a marked development in the wine.." The Wine Times, Hong Kong 03/28/2015