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Rating: 95 Pts Mark Squires - Robert Parker's Wine AdvocateSize:375ML
Region: Greece Country:Greece
Varietals: Muscat ABV:15%

More Ratings:

95 Pts Mark Squires - Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

"The 2006 Muscat "Anthemis" is in the fortified style, but this is a very, very different wine than the fresh and sunny Grand Cru reviewed in this issue. This was aged for 5 years in French oak. With a richness that seems closer (relatively speaking) to Portuguese Moscatel than typical Greek Muscat, this is quite a sexy beast. It makes even the intense Nectar bottling reviewed in this issue seem rather light. Complex, very dark in color- by far the darkest of the group - and astonishingly rich in flavor, it is quite delicious. It is another big winner from this co-op, whose wines I've loved in the past. I would like to tell you how long the finish lasted, but it hasn't stopped yet. If you see the sweeties from this co-op and you like dessert wines - just grab them. You'll thank me later. It was tasted from 375ml, to which the price applies. Relatively speaking, they are well priced. Drink now-2022."

"I've adored the wines from this co-op in the past - they have a serious touch with Muscat - but this is the best group I've seen. You want a lovely dry Muscat? Or a thick, rich dessert wine? They've got you covered from top to bottom and at every level in between." (12/12)


"Slowly yet steadily, Anthemis has become one of the most important wines of the Union as more and more people discover this hidden treasure. This is a classic mistelle which has aged for about 5 years in wooden casks and has developed an impressive dark orange colour with playful hints of bronze, discreet witnesses to its slow ageing process. Aromas of honey, honeycomb, butterscotch candy, fruit preserves, and cherries preserved in marc waft through in a background of cocoa and chocolate, composing an exceptionally complex and profound bouquet that has been patiently built layer by layer. Marvelous in its balance, Anthemis has a palate that orchestrates the freshness of its primary aromas with the wisdom descending from the tertiary aromas of ageing. The noble muscat aromas blend harmoniously with those of dried fruit in the cozy company of smoke and chocolate, all conspiring to produce an unrivalled wine. Picky about the company it keeps, Anthemis demands the intimate company of a pastry chef's masterpieces, while after a meal and left to its own devices, it would be the ideal companion for a light cigar." - Winery

The Variety:
"In Samos, the white muscat grape reigns king. Also known as the Muscat blanc a petits grains or Muscat de Frontignan, in Greece it sometimes goes by the name of moschoudi. This is a noble variety fairly popular around the Mediterranean basin and widely planted in other parts of Greece as well. However, only in Samos does it produce the fat, luscious wines for which the island is known. The muscat grape covers about 97% of Samos' vineyards, with the remaining 3% shared by ritino and fokiano - red grape varietals used for the production of rose wines - and some rarer table grape varieties (including the astonishing kolokythato)." - Winery

"The vineyard of Samos is unique: 1,600 hectares of vines, rest comfortably on their terraced perches surrounded by the lush vegetation of this incredibly verdant island. The sight is unforgettable and belongs to one of the prettiest wine landscapes in the world. It is also, what ensures the specificity of our wines."

"Eight hundred meters above the Aegean Sea, the slopes of Mount Ambelos form a sprawling amphitheater with tier upon bursting tier of grape vines that bask in sheer tranquility and blinding sunshine. If you're lucky, somewhere in the distance you may catch a glimpse of a villager or two getting to work: and there you have it, the grand crus, the select vineyards and, by extension, the wines crafted in Samos."

"Most of the 25 villages belonging to the Samos wine terroirs lie in the northern part of the island, the part that has been the least affected by tourism. Most of the vineyards are in mountainous or semi-mountainous areas endowing grapes with the perfect gift: the chance to mature slowly and surely, attaining rich sugar content, indispensable for the creation of the divine sweet muscat wine."

"The soil in these areas is deep, offering perfect drainage and forcing the roots of the vines to forage downward within the earth in pursuit of nutrition, producing perfect fruit which will produce the luscious and tasteful wines of Samos." Winery