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Rating: Rating Not AvailableSize:750ML
Region: Rheingau Country:Germany
Varietals: Riesling ABV:11.5%


"A typical Rheingau Riesling with a lively pale-yellow colour and light green high- lights. A juicy wine with a fresh, clear and fruity smell which reminds a little bit of apple, citrus, grapefruit and in the background a little peach. The flavour of this wine has a light residual sweetness and a clear structure. It is a perfect accompanying wine for any kind of dishes." -Importer

"The grapes of this vivid juicy wine originate from the vineyards surrounding the Johannisberg. The Riesling grapes grow as well on loessic soil with gritty structure as on sandy loam soil. Warm summer months with low temperatures at night provide ideal conditions for the cultivation of fresh Riesling." -Winery

"The wine harvest took place end of September till end of October. In order to receive the freshest fruit for the wine an intensive selection was needed. The grapes were then carefully pressed in the cellar of the estate. The fermentation in cooled high-grade steel tanks underlines again the freshness and the fruiti- ness of the wine." -Winemaker

"In 2007 we harvested aromatic grapes with very high must weights. The grapes had one of the longest veraison of all times. In spring the vines came very early into bloom and consequently the grapes already began to vegetate by the end of May. Throughout the entire summer while being water-saturated, the ripening- process endured quite long and slowly."

"Thanks to steady and also dry weather conditions in October, with cool nights and plenty of sun in the daytime, we were enabled to await the perfect point of time to start the vintage taking care of the needs of each particular vineyard and each type of grape. This enormously successful vintage 2007 expresses truly the character of our certain terroir and let us produce an excellent and intensive variety of wine." -Winery

"The Princes of Hesse dynasty is one of the oldest aristocratic families in Europe dating back 800 years with ties to most of Europe’s Royal families. The family’s vision is to help re-establish German/Rheingau Riesling as one of the world’s noble grapes and wines, and to that end the estate focuses on Riesling only."

"The Prinz von Hessen wine estate is situated on the eastern edge of Johannisberg, in the Rheingau. The viticulture in the Rheingau – unlike any other region of the world – is associated with Riesling and nearly 80% of the Rheingau’s cultivated vineyards (7630 acres) are planted with Riesling. The Rheingau is home to 7.3% of the world’s Riesling vineyards. Situated in a unique cultural landscape, the region epitomizes the standard for the importance of viticulture in Germany."

"Wines from the estate PRINZ von HESSEN are unmistakable in taste, aroma, terroir and appearance. Their classification within the quality pyramid as premium wines, vineyard designated wines, or estate wines ensure their consistently reliable quality and distinction in taste. The careful cultivation of the wines promotes their unmistakable character. The production methods are thus oriented to preserve the vine’s specific aroma and mineral content according to the latest research. Year after year, the perceptible result is pure enjoyment in taste and aroma." -Importer