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The 2005 Puech Haut Clos du Pic is a blend of Syrah and Mourvedre from the Languedoc region of France and the ABV is 14%. The 2005 Chateau De Pommard is 100% Pinot Noir from Burgundy in France and the ABV is 13%.

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2005 Puech Haut Clos Du Pic :
"Brooding and mysterious, this is a serious wine that deserves a serious steak to go with it. Dark and ripe with dominant notes of black licorice followed by black berries, plum, milk chocolate and thyme. Full and rich in the mouth with a long finish that evolves from fruit to spice and finally ends on a delicious mocha note." -90 points Wine Enthusiast

"One of the top estates in the Languedoc-Roussillon, Chateau Puech-Haut is owned by Gerard Bru. It is a huge, 250-acre vineyard located close to the city of Montpellier, near the village of St.-Drezery. Two of the world’s finest winemaking consultants, Michel Rolland and Claude Gros, share the responsibilities at this estate. Chateau Puech-Haut's wines are represented by Bordeaux wine broker Jeffrey Davies of Jeffrey M. Davies Signature Selections." - Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

2005 Chateau De Pommard :
"Chateau de Pommard has many a surprise in store. These obviously include the holiest of the holies, the sanctuary of the Chateau. In its cellars slumber exceptional vintages that have been preserved very conscientiously. Some bottles have been resting here for over half a century."

"Whether they are looking for keeping wines or wines to be served immediately, connoisseurs of prestigious wines know they need to come to Bourgogne and then to Pommard to touch a sacred wine. A nose of red or black fruit, and the colour, robe, roundness and power that contribute to the finest of alchemies." -Winery

"Today, Château de Pommard is the largest private vineyard in Bourgogne. Its 20 hectares of wines in a single plot belonging to the same owner are enclosed by a two-metre high wall. That very fact makes it unique."

"Its terroir draws its strength from a clay and limestone soil that was formed in the Upper Jurassic age and the microclimate that prevails in the vineyard. Each plot has its own identity, which is why Philippe Charlopin, the master winemaker, makes the wine from them separately."

"The quintessence of Pommard is expressed by the old vines, which bring out the best of pinot noir. As the grapes turn into Pommard wine, the vine stocks and the terroir exult, to produce the most exciting tastes." -Winery