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The Great $14.99 Sale

If the ring of an alarm clock, the sound of school buses, or the smell of coffee can’t get you out of bed in the morning, a wine sale might just do the trick.

Check your email bright and early 9 AM on Wednesday, May 11 – sorry West Coast winos – for the first of 14 offers in The Great $14.99 Sale. Every hour, on the hour, for 14 hours, we will offer wines discounted to $14.99 with free shipping on 6 bottles or fewer.

That’s right. $14.99. That pricing sweet spot, where you can get a really, really great wine. You don’t feel bad about drinking it Tuesday night, leaving a glass or two in the bottle, and using it in your dinner recipe two days later.

If you see any orange pumpkins, that means you’re late. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. That means we’ve already sold out of some of the best #CindySteal offers.

It all starts 9am on Wednesday May 11. Don’t be late.