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We know there are many other sites out there like ours, but what truly separates us from the rest is our close affiliation to our sister company, Wine Library. This will allow us to offer you many wines that have great brand equity, are highly rated, or both.

Another integral difference that separates us from the pack is that we are looking for interaction with our customers. We want you to comment freely and leave your thoughts about the wines.

To show how amazing these prices are, we will provide pricing from wine-searcher.com. However, you may need a Pro account to see all of the pricing available.

Our “Best Price On The Web” includes the best price available on wine-searcher.com, plus the shipping costs. For example, if Wine Library’s price is the best on wine-searcher.com and the free shipping offer is on 3 bottles or more, we will also include the best shipping rates for the middle of the country. Wine Library charges $17 for shipping 3 bottles to the Midwest. Divided by 3, this comes to $5.66 per bottle. If another retailer is the best price, we will visit their website to find out their shipping costs to the middle of the country on the same amount of bottles as the Cinderella Wine offer.

Please be aware that your order through Cinderella Wine will be processed through Wine Library. If you already have an account with Wine Library, you can use it for ordering with our Cinderella Wine offers.

If you choose to pick up your order at Wine Library, please note it may take 24-48 hours for your order to be put together. You will get a final confirmation when it is ready for pick up!!