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Rating: Rating Not AvailableSize:500ML
Region: Hungary Country:Hungary
Varietals: Furmint, Harslevelu ABV:12%


"Smooth, clean and balanced with fresh acidity, the wine exudes complex tropical fruit and honey tones. A masterful wine with a lingering finish. Serve chilled as an aperitif, with cheese, fois gras, roasts with fruit stuffing, and of course dessert." Winemakers Tasting Notes

Enter Demeter Zoltan
emeter completed his college studies in Budapest and then decided he needed an international education in winemaking, something that had been inconceivable just a few years before. He traveled first to Virginia, where he says most of his time was spent learning English, and preparing for a six month stint at Stag's Leap Wine Cellars in Napa. From there, with rapidly improving English, and an ever deepening understanding of wine, Demeter got serious and went to Beaune to studied Viticulture and Enology, and then went on to Brighton in the U.K. where he studied wine marketing.

When he returned to Hungary in 1993, he was 27 years old, and with all the fire you'd expect in the belly of a young man at the time, he set about helping to remake an industry that for all intents and purposes had been completely destroyed by fifty years of Communist rule.

"We had to figure out the direction of the wine, and what quality was moving forward. It was a beginning for our region. Even though we have 500 years of history, we had to renew it and re-discover the wine, the vine, and the quality" says Demeter. Demeter worked first for a French company, and then for Grof Degenfeld, an aristocratic German-Hungarian family who, like everyone else, lost their family's holdings in the Tokaj region after the second World War when the Communists took over. The Degenfelds were keen to return to the Tokaj region and reclaim their winemaking legacy, and they hired the young Demeter to help them do everything from buy buildings to farm the vineyards. From Degenfeld, Demeter moved to a new winery project called Kiralyudvar, where under the direction of manager Istvan Szepsy and owner Anthony Hwang he helped establish what has become one of Hungary's most famous and pioneering wineries of the modern era. (Vineograph.com)

About the Winery
"There is literally nothing quite like this wine produced by anyone else in Tokaj, period. Demeter Zoltan, who is arguably THE star in Tokaj, firmly believes the Tokaj should not be an oxidized, near sherry-like dessert wine but should instead taste fresh and vibrant, much like a German Beerenauslese or Alsatian SGN. He's even gone to the extreme of creating an entire new category for this style of wine; hence the name "Fobor." ("Bor" is Hungarian for wine.)"

A mere 40 cases of this stunning second release of Fobor remain in our warehouse--grab your bottles today and enjoy 2006 Demeter Fobor for 2+ decades to come.