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Rating: Rating Not AvailableSize:750ML
Region: Piedmont Country:Italy
Varietals: Nebbiolo ABV:13.5%


Is this the perfect under $20 bottle of premium red wine?

Our normal price - $24.99. Currently on sale at $19.99.

Think about the kinds of wines you can normally find for $20.

- A good Chianti? Check.
- An interesting new Cabernet Sauvignon from California? Yup.
- A terrific everyday Rioja? You bet.
- Barbaresco?? Not typically. But today is not a typical day.

From the moment we first tasted this wine, we knew there was something very special here. 2010 was a flat out amazing vintage for Barbaresco ... and what we were tasting in the Govone Cellar One Barbaresco, really drove that point home. While we couldn't find any scores on this particular wine, we found plenty of press on the vintage as a whole in Piedmont - Including the Wine Spectator who rated the vintage as a whole 97 Points.

Why was 2010 such an amazing vintage?

"The new-release Barbarescos, on the other hand, come from the 2010 harvest, one of the best in the past 15 years. The top wines offer elegance and harmony, with the balance and structure to age." - Bruce Sanderson, Wine Spectator April 2014

"2010 Barbaresco is a year characterized by a very long growing season - one of the longest on record...All it takes to understand how important ideal conditions are for Nebbiolo is to taste the young 2010 Barbareschi. The best wines are simply stunning, with virtually no perception of tannin and phenomenal balance...The 2010s are of course young, but what I have tasted so far has been very impressive. It is quite possible 2010 will turn out to be a truly great, iconic vintage for Barbaresco." - Antonio Galloni, October 2012

"The 2010 vintage has everyone singing its praises, including myself...shifting temperatures created the conditions for perfect ripening, beautiful aromatic intensity, bright color and wines built for long cellar aging. A "classic" vintage is the word being thrown around by producers...I believe this moment represents the most fascinating, productive and creative era for the producers of Piedmont's greatest red wines." - Monica Larner, Wine Advocate, June 2013

From Gaja to Giacosa. Barbaresco 101
A quick look at why these wines are always so in demand

Barbaresco is the Volnay to neighboring Barolo's Pommard, ringed by the river Tanaro and marked by ancient marly soil that create aromatically stunning reds whose poignantly concentrated fruitiness can be best experienced within 5-8 years post-vintage. Gaja's masterful use of Barrique aging revolutionized winemaking throughout the entire region, whose softer, spicier, aromatically powerful reds have made Barbaresco one of the greatest artisanal wine producing regions of our time.

Debra Santonastaso of D and D Imports continued to rave over the overall quality of the vintage as a whole. Based in Maremma, D and D imports has a focus on one simple task: bringing the very best wines from Italy to the market. One of the key names in their portfolio is Govone. With vineyards based in Neive, and situated on clay, calcareous and sandy soils, the 2010 Barbaresco from Govone was aged 3 years (two in barrel and one in bottle). It is a remarkable vision of what everyone tried to achieve from this incredible vintage ... at a price point far less than some of its peers.

Listen to Debra Santonastaso of D and D Italian Wines talk about the life of an importer, the 2010 Barbaresco vintage, and the history of Nebbiolo

Tasting Notes:
"Vibrant ruby-red color tending to garnet with orange reflections. A gentle flo- ral and fruity bouquet with slight woody aromas. A well structured dry, full-bodied and well-balanced flavor." - Importer

Climate & Terrain:
"The vines are grown in the Barbaresco areas of Neive at altitude levels of 650 to 980ft ASL. The soil is clayey, sandy and calcareous." - Importer

"The vines are pruned using the Guyot method and fermentation is 15 days in stainless-steel vats at controlled temperatures of 80 to 95 F." - Importer

"The wine is aged for 2 years in oak barrels then bottle aged for another year." - Importer