hi 2007 Dupere Barrera Cotes De Provence Tres Longue Maceration Rouge « Cinderella Wine - Ridiculously low prices for up to 24 hours only.

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Rating: Rating Not AvailableSize:750ML
Region: Provence Country:France
Varietals: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah / Shiraz, Carignan / Carinena, Mourvedre / Mataro / Monastrell / Garrut ABV:14%


Rare Kermit Lynch offering, back vintage of a 2007 Stunning French red blend!!

- Aged in old oak barrels used at Yquem and Romanee Conti
- Completely Organic and Biodynamic production
- Everything is done by hand as well as "Nowatt," using machinery with no electricity

Winery and Vineyards

"The Domaine du Clos de la Procure is located in Carnoules (30 km east of the vineyards of Bandol) at the northern limit of the Provencal maritime influence (geological area called the Permian depression - transition from primary to secondary). Terroir 100% classed AOC Côtes de Provence. The estate consists of old vines planted on the property (6 hectares of vineyards of which 1.5 hectares of Syrah planted in 2005).

The plots of vines (pruned as “gobelet”, 30 to 50 years old, some on poles) are terraced and bordered with stone walls, paths or rows of olive trees.

The soil is clay and limestone with some detritus elements (slope colluvium on a clay matrix) coming from the slate mountains of the Maures at the southern boundary. The exceptional presence of groundwater at a depth of ten meters guarantees a good water supply for the vineyard."

They use an old style vertical hand press and a wooden cage to obtain the free run juice. The wine is aged in old oak barrels (from Yquem and Romanée Conti), and bottled using gravity, without pumping, fining or filtering."

About the Wine Makers

Unlike so many of our producers who were born into the trade, Emmanuelle Dupere and Laurent Barrera did not start their careers in wine. Emmanuelle was, and still is, a professional singer, and Laurent a geological engineer on the island of Reunion, near Madagascar. In 1998, Laurent decided to change direction and enrolled in viticultural school in the Var. Emmanuelle already had a degree in Wine Commerce, but went back to school to learn the production side of the business. Their studies brought them together with great winemakers from various regions of France, and as they learned from these experienced producers, they gained a deep respect for the unadulterated expression of the fruit so prevalent in naturally -made wines.

There is nothing average about this husband-and-wife team of enologists: they consider every detail with both brainy enthusiasm and heart. These eco-conscious artisans could never be accused of not walking their talk, either. They adhere to organic methods in the vineyards and are now also incorporating biodynamic practices, adding even stricter discipline to their intense workload. Their winemaking process allows the natural character of the wine to speak for itself, with minute doses of sulfur, no fining or filtration, and bottling during optimal weather conditions when the atmospheric pressure is just right. With one cuvee of Cotes de Provence, they take it to the next level: everything is done by hand with absolutely no machinery, earning the name Nowat (no watt=no electricity). Consider their Cuvee Tres Longue Maceration for some tres long aging, too. The Dupere Barrera team captures the essence of their region beautifully: rich, sun -kissed fruit, savory herbes de Provence, and long, lingering finishes. Travel to sunny Provence with the pop of a cork.